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Make firefox read to you

September 30, 2020 — Uniporn

This will be just a quick note because this will be a place where I find it again and you may enjoy this. If you are on linux and like being read to by the computer rather than reading yourself for what reason ever you will most likely enjoy installing a package that on Arch Linux is called "speech-dispatcher" and using the reader-mode. There you will notice a third option below closing reader-mode, changing font-size with the icon of headphones. When you click it you are presented with a most gay-forward menu to start/stop being talked to, skip chapters forth and back and change the voice that reads to you. That shall be all for now, enjoy your time, make black lives matter, wear your mask and stay healthy.

Tags: tutorial, web, linux, technology

Autoloading new kernel after upgrades on Arch Linux

September 07, 2019 — Uniporn

As an Arch user you may have noticed your USB devices won't work when connected after a kernel update. If I understand correctly that is due to te new kernel storing their modules in another directory than the one still running, while during upgrade also the old location is being removed. Hence when you plug in a new device the corresponding module is not found and you won't be able to use it.